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Transformers Driving School in Melbourne has a reputation for providing responsible and compassionate driving instructions. Throughout Melbourne, wherever you live, with our professional and friendly local driving instructors, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you begin your journey to learn driving.

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We understand that learning to drive can be costly, that is why we are here to offer you exceptional service and affordable packages.


Book Your Drive Test Package Book Your Red or Green Ps Intensive Test route Practice Convert Your Overseas License


Ex Test Officers Well Experienced On Road Rules Multilingual & Highly Educated Knowing Test Routes Better Than Anyone Else


Automatic or Manual Transmission Dual Control Vehicle Hatchback or Sedan


We Come To You We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs Pickups From Home or VicRoads


We Come To You We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs Pickups From Home or VicRoads


We Teach Everything You Need To Know Emergency Situations Avoid Accidents & Driving Safely

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Our Driving School Melbourne Prices Calculator

Below you will find our three most popular packages

60 MIN Lesson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
Drive Test only – $140
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60 MIN Lesson
Manual Driving Lessons
1 60 min Lesson $60 – PrePaid
1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
Drive Test only – $160
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Learners (L to P) to Probationary License Driving Lessons

For Learners Who Are Completing Their 120 Hours of Supervised Driving (L TO P driving lessons). Plus help you clear driving test. We have a driving car (Toyota CORROLA) to train you. Become a Safe P Plater. We normally charge $60 per hour for a driving lesson. We have bulk packages. Ask us for bulk classes discount. In these classes, we will train you in different driving routes, road conditions and different timing. As, it is important for learners to drive during the night times, daytimes, peak times, tough roads conditions, while its raining, when the roads are slippery etc. These classes will make you a better and confident driver.

Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers and License Holders

For Overseas License Holder Who Wish To Learn Road Rules And Defensive Driving. We have manual and automatic driving packages with few driving classes and drive test. The most popular package is three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295). Three to Four classes would be sufficient for overseas drivers, we teach you through the official driving routes all over Melbourne, we explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be measuring and our driving instructor would act as an examiner to provide you pointers to make sure you don’t make those mistakes during your actual test.

Emergency Driving Lessons – Suitable for drivers who has driving test in 2 to 3 days

Our driving instructors are available in each and every suburb for your convenience. If you have a manual or automatic driving test anywhere in Melbourne coming up in 2 to 3 days and you need an emergency driving instructor, then we have a package for you. 1 class for 60 minutes to give you pointers and driving test for  $185(1 Lesson & A Test $185).

Intensive Driving Lesson

This package is for confident drivers. If you want to clear your driving test with limited time span (driving test is coming up in one week to two weeks) then this is the right package for you. Our suggestion would be “three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295)”. Three to Four classes would be sufficient as a refresher, we will teach you the official driving routes in all of  Melbourne, provide  you the checklist a driving examiner would be looking out for and act as an examiner to provide you pointers to avoid mistakes.

The experience and  feeling of driving is magical and can be felt only when you are in the driving seat. The time period when you learn driving is the most exciting time. As it is a roller coaster of mixed emotions, including nervousness and happiness to name a few. However when you are with the best driving school then trust us to ensure your experience of learning to drive would be a complete happy package.

Our organization provides our valued clients with the best driving lessons in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong and Cranbourne at the lowest possible prices.

As, our organization provide our clients with the best driving lessons in Melbourne at the lowest possible prices within the different areas like Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne.

There is a wide range of qualities that we offer. Some of the best qualities of our driving instructors include the –

Know how to take an initiative – our instructors know how to take an initiative and thus the secret to every amazing teacher is that they don’t really follow a book of procedures but find a unique method to teach every student in a way they need. A good driving instructor will always take an initiative to provide you with the best knowledge.

Adaptable and flexible – an excellent driving teacher will turn every lesson into a fun. Our best instructors use a variety of methods to help our every student learn better with the aim of creating the best and the safe drivers.

Excellent communication skills – the best driving instructor should be capable of changing their instruction, concepts or methods according to the student’s requirement and should have a good communication skill so that every student can easily interact with their instructor for the doubts or the queries.

Friendly Instructors– our best training instructors assure our every student a safe and friendly environment where the client can comfortably interact with their instructor.

Patient and wise – the instructor must be patient as every learner is not equal and thus instructor needs to attend every client with the equal patience and should be wise enough to create every student a safe and a confident driver on road.

Our organization works every day for the creation of the best and the safe driver.

Now if you are ready to enhance the best experience of your life then join our driving school in Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne now for the best future experiences, and this time give your life a completely magical experience being at that driving seat. Trust me; a single long drive will act as a cure for your every problem.

We aim to provide a reputable and professional service that ensures you have the confidence to pass your test and drive safely on the roads.

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