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Sitting on a driving seat Is the most pleasant experience. You can feel that I can handle a car even you don't know how to drive a car. But the driving experience is a lot more fun than just sitting on the seat. Every experienced driver is a learner once they're in life. You can feel the excitement and the nervous at the same, but with the best learning school, you can learn how to drive a car like an experienced driver in no time. You can trust us with our qualified instructors with their many years of experience in this profession.

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An experienced instructor plays an important role in your journey to learn how to drive a car or become an expert in driving a car. the good instructor always shares their many years of experience in driving and guide you all the way until you become a driver and pass a driving test. We can offer you the best instructors of all time in Melbourne. With our hard-working and dedicated instructors, we are the best driving school in Frankston. Our team makes our driving school best in its own way.

We do not only hare for getting your attention, but we are also here to deliver something to you and make your time valuable with us. We can offer many qualities that you might not be found anywhere else. Here are some of them,

Step forward:With our amazing teacher, you can learn how to drive a car with basic follow a book producers, they also have some unique skills and find methods for every student to make a perfect driver. They know how to step forward. Some time by the book rules don’t come in handy, in this situation our unique and skilled instructors done really good job.

Adjustable: With our teachers, you never get a single and straight forward learning experience. they always help you with any kind of driving methods to make you comfortable and ease. One good teacher converts every lesson into a fun experience with a meaningful learning experience.

Communications skills: A good teacher needs to have the capabilities to change their instructions or concept according to the learner’s interests and requirements. With good communication skills, every kind of student can easily be handled. With good communication, a student never got nervous or feel fear while asking any queries.

We are friends: With our friendly teachers, you can feel safe and comfortable while learning the most valuable lesson of your life. and they are very interactive with every student and very helpful to their students.

patience: For any instructor patience is the key, students make mistakes in their new experience. a good instructor can tell their mistakes and convert it into a learning experience, with this student can never forget this kind of experience.

We are here in Melbourne to make the best and safe driver of all time

With having that kind of skilled and experienced instructor, we are hoping now you are ready to take a test drive our teachers and feel the experience. we are here in Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne, you can visit any time. and join the community of best driving school to make your experience more magical while learning.

Our Driving School Melbourne Prices

45 MIN Lesson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 Lesson $40
3 Lessons $120
5 Lessons $200
10 Lessons $399
1 Lesson & A Test $160
2 Lessons & A Test $195
3 Lessons & A Test $240
5 Lessons & A Test $320
10 Lessons & A Test $500
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60 MIN Lesson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 Lesson $50
3 Lessons $150
5 Lessons $250
10 Lessons $500
1 Lesson & A Test $170
2 Lessons & A Test $220
3 Lessons & A Test $275
5 Lessons & A Test $370
10 Lessons & A Test $600
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90 MIN L esson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 Lesson $75
3 Lessons $220
5 Lessons $370
10 Lessons $730
1 Lesson & A Test $190
2 Lessons & A Test $280
3 Lessons & A Test $360
5 Lessons & A Test $495
5 Lessons & A Test $495
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Drive test
Test drive
Automatic Car Prices/packages
Manual $60 Per Hour
Drive Test Only $130
Pakenham VicRoads
Dandenong VicRoads
Heatherton VicRoads
Frankston VicRoads
Dromana VicRoads
Burwood East VicRoads
Mooroolbark VicRoads
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Exclusive Services

[anps_featured style=”1″ icon_color=”#363636″ icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” divider_color=”#ffcc43″ title=”Learners (L to P) to Probationary License Driving Lessons” link=”#” icon_custom=”1871″]for those learners who completed their 120 hours of driving learners to probationary ( L to P). we have a manual geat driving car Toyota corolla for your training, to make you a Safe P Plater. 60$ per hour for the manual lesson. And our skilled teacher can help you to get a driving test.[/anps_featured]

[anps_featured style=”1″ icon_color=”#363636″ icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” divider_color=”#ffcc43″ title=”Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers and License Holders” link=”#” icon_custom=”1872″]We have a manual driving package with manual driving classes and of course a test for overseas license holders, who want to learn the road rules, safe and defensive driving. We offer three lessons of 60 minutes with a driving test (295$) 3 lessons per 60 minutes   for 295$[/anps_featured]

[anps_featured style=”1″ icon_color=”#363636″ icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” divider_color=”#ffcc43″ title=”Intensive Manual Driving Lesson” link=”#” icon_custom=”1873″]This package is for those who feel that they are safe and feel confident in their driving skills. And want to get a license with clearing the driving test in a limited time span. This is the best option for who’s driving test coming up in two or one weeks. We offer three 60 minutes lesson with a driving test.[/anps_featured]

[anps_featured style=”1″ icon_color=”#363636″ icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” divider_color=”#ffcc43″ title=”Emergency Driving Lessons – Suitable for drivers who has driving test in 2 to 3 days.” link=”#” icon_custom=”1874″]With this package, we can offer the most experienced and most suitable manual drivers for your learning experience. while there are not many manual drivers in Melbourne to handle any kind of situation.[/anps_featured]

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Driving Instructor

We can introduce you with our most talented and hardworking driving instructor, with clients experience:
Sol was an amazing and talented driving instructor. I went only for just know how to park a car, because of not drive for a year and more and I needing to learn all over again, and she covered through anything and I mean everything. I am very happy and thankful to sol who help me get through all the driving things and support me for getting my Victorian driving license.

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Transformers Driving School

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Transformers Driving School

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5/5 - 300+ Reviews

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Driving Tips

Driving lessons can seem hard to learn if you are doing it all on your own. But, think about having a manual driving lessons given to you when need be. Manual driving cars are something that are hyped to be tough and tougher to operate.... There is the brake, clutch and accelerator that seems to be confusing to operate with two legs. The hand brake, gears and other functions seem to be complicating the system while all you want to do is focus on the road and the traffic. Here are some things that we do to make manual driving easier for you:  Of all the basics that one should be seeing is how the trainer teaches about the functionalities, coordination and everything in between. The main thing is about the coordination that should be taught to the driver. The coordination is what we focus on, in the first place, which helps drivers to realize that all their observation must always support their movement to minimize the risk of accidents that could have been avoided otherwise. At our Manual driving school, we take care of this first.  The driver’s license is what makes the drivers worry, nevertheless, we take care of the fact that the driver’s license is issued to all the people learning with us, so there is no room for concern. The license has been taking care of us for the people who have already completed their course with us in the driving lessons. Once the course is completed, there is almost no delays whatsoever with what awaits later, that is the license. There is a manual driving test that shows how much of our lessons you have grabbed and grasped and thus takes you forth to the next step.  On how to tackle traffic at wee hours, odd hours and the likes. There are different types of traffic at different time slots, provided you stay in cities. Manual driving lessons are basically about the same, about having to deal with different types of traffic that comes forth in any city, at different times. The morning office hours will have more or less more traffic and the afternoon hours will see comparatively lesser traffic. The tactic of dealing with all of them is taught with us. What do we do in precision: The manual driving school Melbourne focuses on the prime needs of the driver. Our students are of prime importance to us. We have seen how the needs of every driver changes and is independent of the age and the likes. The youngster might want to learn to drive to reach classes and college, while the old might just want to learn it for safety purposes. There are people who need professional training to enter the career of driving and the likes. For all these reasons, we have personalized the teaching of the students into categories. 1. The needs and wants of our students are important to us- We have a proper discussion ahead of joining as drivers that help us understand our students better and vice versa. Once we know and understand what the students want, we take the curriculum in the same way forward. 2. The classroom training or basic training is first that is followed by the actual training in cars. Our cars have flexibility in ways that if something should go wrong, the trainer can operate the vehicle sitting on the navigator’s seat too. There are reasons why we tend to do this- Students are still students, can mess up with the functionalities. Manual driving lessons Melbourne focuses on this part more. 3. The post training sessions- There are multiple manual driving test Melbourne and then the license is given forth to our students.

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